Why is creativity essential for young people?

Creativity is the most important part of one’s life. Some might say that creativity is hard, but for me creativity is all about thinking up new ideas, and thinking is a natural daily occurrence. Creativity, therefore, is as simple as waking for school whilst thinking of new ways to demolish your buzzing alarm clock.

Creativity provides you with freedom of expression and enables you to use you it eloquently. It cannot be inherited, although it can be enhanced and evolved. Creativity is limitless.

Creativity enables you to make an impact and be utterly free with your ideas. It makes you a confident person and enables you to be more of an opportunist. It urges you to hold debates within your mind, and be more firm with your own judgement and innovations. Creativity gives you the Red Velvet cake with a Vanilla Oreo beverage as a complimentary. It makes your most strenuous activities easy-going and provides you with a feeling of self-love. Creativity is free. And the best part of all is that all creativity requires is your head!

Words by 17-year-old Agampreet Kalra