Why is writing important?

Why is writing important? For many, the answer is “because it is my only release from the universe and the only place I feel at home in”.

Writing has always been an essential part of the human existence. From writing on cave walls to deciphering alphabets from the skies, writing connects us to our ancestors and our ancestors to the universe and, indirectly, us to the universe.

We write because it helps to ground us in this world. It is important in inspiring global thought processes and in encouraging us to think about things we never did before. From outer space, to mystical kingdoms, and happenings under the sea – writing makes audible the narratives often left unheard in the dark. It tangles us like a faucet and, when twisted in the correct position, our mind flows and fills soft pages.

Not only does writing makes you aware, it can encourage you to become a better person. You write who you are, who you can be, and what your heart strives to be. Your beliefs, feelings, and emotions all find a home in writing and it helps clarify your true self.

So writing is important because it reveals who you are as a person. It helps you to vent, to stand strong in the world whilst being vulnerable and exposed, always true to the paper. It helps broaden the scope and impact of your opinions. It helps you to think globally. So, whoever told you writing can’t change the world, remember that pen is always mightier than the sword.

Words by 17-year-old Agampreet Kalra