Welcome to HEBE, the poetry magazine that publishes the work of poets aged 18 and under, for the appreciation of all. Each issue, published quarterly, will be based around an assigned theme, which is open to interpretation, but will maintain a sense of continuity to a magazine that accepts all forms of poetry.  We want young writers to be inspired by our thematic request, whilst feeling flexible and unrestricted in their experimentation with style.

So often we proclaim the creative potential of our youth without enabling it to be tangibly expressed. HEBE provides a platform where the original and progressive perceptions of young poets are voiced. Whereas all poetry published within this magazine is limited to that written by those 18 and under, its readership is open to all.

Poetry enables us to consider the innovation of youthful perception.  It not only offers the most concentrated form of other people’s realities, it can also provide an elevation above reality itself:  the promotion of alternative realities.  It is through listening to the alternative realities devised by the most inventive of our society, that we are personally encouraged to reflect on more varied perspectives.

In addition to poetry, we also welcome original photographs taken by those aged 18 and under which will be used as issue covers. The poet of each published poem, and photographer of each front cover photograph, will receive a token payment of £5 and a free print issue. We hope this payment will increase with the growth of our magazine, but for the time being it is to show our appreciation to the work of creative individuals.