Use the following pre-released issue theme to write your poem(s), take your photograph(s), or create your illustration(s):


The theme for our eighth issue is ‘Communication’. We encourage you to be creative in your interpretation of this theme and there are no limits as to how it can be developed. Initial ideas could include the importance of communication, how the ways in which we communicate are changing, and the consequences of miscommunication.

Please send your poem(s), photograph(s) and illustration(s) with the following details to

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • A contact email address (or postal address if the former is not possible) so we can get in touch in case of publication and give you feedback if not
  • A first-person biography consisting of a couple of sentences that will be published below your poem, photograph or illustration, alongside your name and your age, explaining who you are (this can include anything from what sports-team you support to the place where you like to go to write)

The HEBE Discussion page is a platform for young creatives to express themselves beyond the pages of each HEBE issue, and we accept Discussion pieces from anyone, at any time.